Language Immersion Camps

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Our Language Immersion Camps are a great way to give your child a head start. We offer Summer, Spring Break, Turkey Week, Winter Break and Ski Week Camps. Our flexible schedule will help you organize holidays and vacations with Half Day 8-12pm, Full Day 8-3pm and Extended Day 8-6pm. During Camps children will be divided in 2 groups: 2yrs-4.9 yrs old and 5yrs-10yrs old.

Summer Camp starts on June 12th and ends on 9/1/2017.

We offer 12 weeks of super fun weekly themes to accommodate your busy schedule : 

Week 1: Exploring the Ocean: During this week, children will be learning about world Oceans and marine life in a easy immerse vocabulary. Science will be included through experiments and games such as water play, water balloons, sand castles and exploring in the sand. 

Week 2: Life in the Jungle: Children will be exploring the jungle animals. Learning Classification, sounds and movement and difference between wild, farm, jungle and forest animals. Also learn about extinct animals such as dinosaurs and other species. 

Week 3: International Cooking I: Our little chefs will be preparing recipes from around the world. Children will learn to manipulate, measure ingredients and every day we will create our own lunch with 3 important courses based on the food pyramid.

Week 4: Decathlon Week I: Moving and Keep going will be the purpose of this week, decathlon and competition an easy way to learn team work.

Week 5: STEM Week: Let's put children's minds to explore different avenues in Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics, a fun hands on week will help to wake up interest and it will be full of surprises.

Week 6: Creative Arts: Art as a part of our daily curriculum will be expanded when we explore new techniques and materials to create art. Photography, painting and the visit of a local artist will be included in our week.

Week 7: Music and Drama: Instruments, songs, movements and a local musician will give us a visit to our fun week. Classical music and learning about instruments will provide a plus to our week.

Week 8: Old School Games: Children will be exploring and learning games, rhymes and songs that their parents and grandparents played when they were younger, such as jump rope, board games, card games, hopscotch, freeze and tag.

Week 9: Adventures Week: During this week children will work on teams to create obstacle courses with provided recycled materials, enhancing creativity, problem solving, encourage team members and help each other. We will do indoor and outdoor activities.

Week 10: Story Time in Action: Based on a popular children's book, children will learn new vocabulary and concepts to be able to transfer ideas into concrete resolutions, acting out, drawing, speaking and being part of a group performance. A local writer will be invited during this week.

Week 11: International Cooking II: We will learned lots of recipes from around the world. Children will manipulate, measure ingredients. We will prepare our lunch with 3 important courses bases on the Food Pyramid.

Week 12: STEM Week II: Let's put children's minds to explore different avenues in Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics, a fun hands on week will help to wake up interest and it will be full of surprises.

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​Class materials are included in our fees.
Please send your child with a snack, lunch (full day campers) and a drink.
Before (8am-9am) and After Care Camp (3pm-6pm) includes playtime only.
Non-refundable deposit of $100 is due with application. This deposit will be applied towards your remaining balance.
Remaining balance is due a week prior.
3% discount for additional sibling.
No refunds.

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