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Our Preschool is aimed at developing the emotional, intellectual and social independence of the child in a creative, warm and stimulating environment. We offer a combined curriculum to help your child to develop in many ways. We use Music to promote physical development and self-confidence through dance and creative movement. It also helps develop the child’s musical ear and sense of inner rhythm. Children learn about feelings through song tales, poems, stories, and dramatic play. Spatial acuity is developed through drawing, sculpting, building and other projects. Hand coordination is also developed with simple projects such as beading and threading. Memory skills, an essential tool for learning a language and for future academic success, are enforced through visual aids such as video, fun memory games, learning songs and the use of flash cards.

You can choose from Our Traditional Preschool, Spanish or French Immersion Preschool. 

​​Our programs are designed to give you choices when it comes to the number of days (3 and 5 days a week), hours and languages.

Our offerings in English, Spanish and French include:
•Full Day Preschool 8am to 3pm.

•Morning Preschool 8am to 12pm or 8am to 1pm.

•After Care until 6pm.

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French Immersion Preschool

It will prepare your child for Kindergarten in all aspects: Socially, academically and emotionally. Throughout the school year, children will gather all knowledge needed to have a successful Kindergarten year. 

We will introduce your child to the language through our methodology of "easy and active immersion". Your child will start with the basics ​ and as with mastering any new skill, regular (and fun) practice makes a big difference in how quickly a child becomes comfortable speaking another language.​ We accept a mix of children at different levels of language proficiency, including absolute beginners. Our Program introduces children to reading, writing, scientific exploration and numbers.


Traditional Preschool

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178 South Boulevard, San Mateo, CA 94402

Spanish Immersion Preschool 

Combining arts with an immersion French language and culture curriculum, our native speaker teachers aim to teach kids early language literacy while building confidence in basic math and science. The main focus is forming nurturing relationships with students while teaching socialization and individualization.​  This program introduces children to reading, writing, scientific exploration and numbers.​